Sponsor an acre

Cock-of-the-rock, Murray Cooper

By sponsoring an acre of rainforest, you will help to protect, in partnership with local communities, some of the most threatened and species-rich rainforest in the world at our cloud forest reserve in north-west Ecuador.

Neblina is a high altitude cloud forest reserve in the Tropical Andes, one of the most biologically diverse hotspots on Earth, with 34,000 species of plants and animals and four times the biodiversity of lowland Amazon rainforest. As warm air rises, it cools and condenses in the cloud forests, shrouding the trees and orchid covered branches in humid mist and clouds.

If you would like to sponsor an acre of rainforest and receive a certificate recording your sponsorship, please complete the form below.

Acre Sponsorship Certificate

The Neblina Reserve and surrounding region is teeming with wildlife, including endangered species such as spectacled bears, pumas and toucans, the recently discovered Confusing Rocket Frog, the Olinguito (a member of the racoon family), the Longnose Stubfoot toad, thought extinct in 1989, and the black and chestnut eagle of which only 250 are thought to remain in the world.

For the perfect eco-friendly gift, you can sponsor an acre of threatened Ecuadorian cloud forest with Rainforest Concern for £50 by completing the form above. Alternatively, you can print an Acre Sponsorship form and return it completed to info@rainforestconcern.org