We support local communities in a number of ways.

We defend the rights of indigenous people and communities local to our projects to protect their land from unwanted agribusiness, road building & mining.

Through empowering and training local people and organisations, we equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to become custodians of their forests. Capacity building is carried out through workshops and courses for local NGO’s or communities where they develop skills such as leadership, technology, mapping, marketing and finance.

By developing projects which provide opportunities to create economic initiatives and support sustainable livelihoods, we can help mitigate the behaviours that result in logging, hunting, cattle farming and monocultures which threaten natural habitats. Rainforest Concern has created better opportunities for men and women to earn a living through funding training and infrastructure in many areas, such as ecotourism, sustainable farming systems (including fruit, shade grown coffee and chocolate), handicrafts, food processing and community tree nurseries.

By targeting health related issues in projects such as protecting and managing clean water sources, use of pesticides, nutrition, and the management of small holdings, we aim to improve the quality of life for communities.