Other ways to fundraise

There are many ways you can fundraise to help save the rainforest. Raising money can be a great character building exercise not to mention all the fun involved! We have had money raised for Rainforest Concern from a huge variety of imaginative events including theatre, musical performance, expeditions and marathons.

IMG 3741
Omnibus theatre

Fundraised for Rainforest Concern in 2018


  • Coffee mornings - Ask people to pay a suggested donation to join you for coffee and biscuits. Look for Rainforest friendly coffee.
  • Rainforest events – Show a rainforest film or invite a rainforest expert to speak. Ticket sales and donations can benefit Rainforest Concern projects.
  • Raffles - source prizes from family, friends, parents and local businesses and hold a raffle. You could also make cakes to win as prizes.
  • Hold a dance - decorate a room, gym, or other space like a rainforest and play wild music! Sell tickets to the event.
  • Get cooking - bake cakes and biscuits on a rainforest theme (toucan cup cakes anyone?) or hold a pancake breakfast in your school. Invite friends, parents and teachers to attend.
  • Auctions - have an auction sale of donated items or services.
  • Have a garage sale - Ask your neighbours to join you in holding a local garage sale. A great way of decluttering and help save rainforests!
  • Quiz night - Show off your knowledge of current affairs, music, history, books, general knowledge and sport and organise a fun.