Learning about the importance of natural habitats is fundamental to success in project areas, so a key part of our work is to deliver environmental education workshops to primary and secondary schools close to where we work, as well as to the wider communities. Where access to project areas is achievable in a day’s visit, we take local students and teachers into reserves and protected areas to learn hands on about their natural heritage. Through this work many local communities gain a real pride in their unique natural environment and develop a lasting commitment to protect it.

Rainforest Concern has put together online resources for school children to learn about the desperate plight of our rainforests, and has given talks to primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Through social media campaigns we hope to better inform people and start to reverse the trend of habitat loss and deforestation.

We invite people to learn for themselves by visiting our overseas projects where we support community ecotourism lodges, academic research and volunteer programmes.