Evergrowing human population and consumption are the biggest causes of forest destruction due to the vast quantities of resources, products and services we take from them. Over half of the tropical forests worldwide have been destroyed since the 1960s, and every second, more than one hectare of tropical forests is destroyed or drastically degraded; at this rate you could see them vanish altogether in your lifetime!*

Rainforest Concern avoids deforestation of critically endangered habitats by working with local communities and indigenous groups to understand the issues and finding long-term solutions to the threats facing them.

As a small charity our approach is to work together with others to achieve more. We have built up a strong network of partners from local NGO’s and indigenous tribes, to corporate partners and individuals as well as being able to call on the expertise of our distinguished board of trustees and advisors. Our work has faced many serious challenges, but our sound local knowledge combined with funding from our donors who support our long-term conservation approach has meant we have a long record of successful outcomes in the field.

We have achieved an enormous amount over the past 30 years, please support us for the next 30.

Together we can do more to save rainforests and other crucial natural habitats.

I greatly admire Rainforest Concern because it actively protects forests, through its many projects in the field as well as effective lobbying.

Img 0819 John Hemming At Home 2010

Dr John Hemming CMG, historian, author and Amazon conservationist, former Director of Royal Geographical Society

Peru 2
Women involved with polylepis reforestation in Peru.


* Source: IUCN