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Los Cedros River Image credit Murray Cooper

Working with Rainforest Concern will align your business with a highly regarded global charity at the forefront of rainforest conservation.

We welcome corporate members and offer individual packages to reflect your sustainability, ESG and marketing objectives.

A recent IBM report shows that consumers actively seek products and brands that align with their values. 60% were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact and 70% of those who stated that reducing environmental impact was important would be willing to pay a premium of 35% for sustainable and environmentally responsible brands.

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Squirrel monkey in Ecuador

Credit: Murray Cooper

Rainforest Concern's Corporate Membership offers a host of exclusive benefits and will help your business to:

  • Promote ethical business practices
  • Fulfil sustainability and carbon offsetting goals, including your net-zero targets
  • Demonstrate your concern for the environment to your clients, shareholders and employees
  • Generate positive PR opportunities
  • Retain staff by engaging employees in your sustainability and conservation efforts
  • Save threatened rainforest habitats
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Ecuadorian tree frog

Credit: Murray Cooper

Benefits of corporate membership include:

  • Your logo, link to your website and paragraph about your business on the Rainforest Concern website
  • Photographs and editorial copy about Rainforest Concern projects for your website, social media and PR
  • Rainforest Concern newsletters, biennial magazine and email updates
  • Live introduction to Rainforest Concern projects leaders via Zoom or other online platform
  • Printed certificate and map of your supported Rainforest Concern project for your board room
  • Volunteering opportunities for employees in Ecuador, Chile, Romania and India
  • Rainforest Concern talk at your business (online or in-person depending on location)
  • Give as you Earn Scheme
  • Opportunity for staff and VIP incentive trips to Rainforest Concern projects

Make Rainforest Concern your Charity of the Year

Adopting Rainforest Concern as your Charity of the Year will give your staff, clients and colleagues the opportunity to take part in exciting events and initiatives to help protect threatened rainforest habitat and the thousands countless species of plants, animals and indigenous communities that depend on the forests for survival.

Corporate Partners

We would like to thank all of our current Corporate Partners for their generous support, which enables us to continue our vital work.

Further information

To discuss a corporate membership package that reflects your CSR and sustainability objectives, please email or phone 01225 481151

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