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30 years of conservation: Celebrating a remarkable journey

Rainforest Concern was founded thirty years ago today - on November 15th, 1993. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to protect some of the most diverse and critical ecosystems on our planet.

Today, we celebrate three decades of dedicated conservation work.

Peter Bennett established Rainforest Concern after forming a partnership for a small project protecting threatened leatherback turtles on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Since then, the charity has worked in 13 countries on over 30 conservation projects with 24 partner organisations. We have helped to protect over 2.2 million hectares of threatened forest, the biodiversity they contain, together with the people who depend on them for survival. We have supported research and helped discover new species, helped communities to protect unique and fragile habitats from destructive extraction industries, supported indigenous people’s rights, promoted sustainable livelihoods, and run environmental education programmes, partnered with small grassroots organisations to get effective action on the ground, and collaborated with large NGOs to better achieve collective results.

Today, as Rainforest Concern celebrates 30 years, we continue to look to the future with determination and optimism.

The challenges facing our planet's biodiversity are significant, but the enduring dedication to their protection by so many committed individuals, organisations, businesses, our partners and you, our supporters, gives us hope.

With your continued support, Rainforest Concern will undoubtedly continue to make an impact on global conservation efforts.

We have achieved an enormous amount over the past 30 years, please stay on the journey with us and help us achieve even more for the next 30.

Thank you.

Rainforest Concern

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