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 the yawanawa project

YawanawaIn 2005, Brazil lost 18,000 sq km of forest, equivalent to 50 sq km per day. In this context, strengthening indigenous communities is one of the best hopes of preserving extensive tracts of forest for generations to come. At the Yawanawa's request, Rainforest Concern have been working with the Comissão Pró-Indio (CPI) on a series of initiatives to preserve the Yawanawa language and culture, to improve their water supply and protect their land. With 2 major road developments taking place in the state of Acre, it is about to lose its physical isolation, which has hitherto been the greatest force for conservation. As external pressures mount, the renaissance of the Yawanawa culture and the increase in population arising from improved diet and better medical facilities make the expansion of their defined territory ever more important.

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