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Titan Arum blooms at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

The biggest flower in the world: the Titan Arum or 'Corpse Flower' opened for the second time at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary.
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Titan Crew

The flower began opening at 2:30 pm on the 24th July - by 8:00 pm the spathe was wide open.

Despite the rain, visitors trooped in to see the Titan. This year's bloom is over 190cms - 30 cms taller than the flower that bloomed in 2016.

As well as human visitors, there were lots of flies, fairy bluebirds and a monkey who came to see the opening.

Famous for its distinct odour of rotting flesh, the flower's spectacular smell only began to fade by mid-morning the day after it started to open.

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Schoolchildren from Periya and Kaniaram arrived in the rain.