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Angela Maldonado receives the National Geographic’s Awards for Leadership in Conservation 2020

Angela Maldonado is on the board of Fundacion Entropika, an NGO working for the long-term conservation of the Colombian Amazon through community led education and research. She has dedicated her life to the conservation of our planet and stopping illegal wildlife trade.
Photograph by Maria Jose Bermudez/Entropika

Maldonado received the National Geographic/Buffett Award for Leadership in Conservation in Latin America this month for her work on primates. Her efforts have resulted in a hunting ban on night monkeys and an open investigation into this illegal market, dramatically reducing the trafficking of night monkeys captured and sold for use in laboratory experiments. She also works closely with local communities and has established several sustainable economic alternatives for those who had relied on wild monkeys for their subsistence. Rainforest Concern has supported Angela’s work in recent years.

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