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Ecuador tour

An Opportunity to Visit Our Projects

The travel company Aqua-Firma, in partnership with Rainforest Concern, has created trips that gives you the chance to visit our projects in Ecuador and those of some of our partners.

This Conservation in Action journey begins on the Pacific Coast before ascending to the cloud forests for a behind the scenes look at some of our most inspirational projects in the Southern Phase of the Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor.  These include Santa Lucia, the Watershed Project, our new Forest Credits programme and some of our latest land purchases close to the Cotocachi-Cayapas Reserve.  The final phase of the journey is a choice of ecotourism experiences in the Amazon including a specially arranged visit to the Yachana Foundationsís new conservation and education projects on the Rio Napo.

The trip contributes directly to our work and those of our partners and includes the sponsorship of 3 acres.

For more information about the trip please refer to Aqua-Firmaís website or contact them on 0844 4120848 (International +44 1428 620012) or info@aquau-firma.co.uk.

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