Our mission is to protect threatened natural habitats and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people dependent on them for survival.

We do this through the purchase of land in the name of the local NGO’s or communities, or for private reserves, registering ancestral indigenous territories and establishing ecological corridors to connect fragmented habitats.

As part of our conservation strategy we support local communities, promoting sustainable livelihoods and we are committed to delivering environmental education both in our project areas overseas and in the UK. We also work with research establishments to monitor the progress and success of our strategies.

Key to Rainforest Concern’s principles is working with effective local partners who we carefully select based on our specialist knowledge from years of experience in the field.

We currently work in nine countries; Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Chile, Romania and India across a variety of critical habitats and the vast biodiversity they support.

Rainforest Concern's programmes focus on vital areas where a relatively small amount of research and conservation can make huge changes

Robinht 2015

Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE, explorer, writer and President of Survival International

Our Methodology

Understanding the threats and dynamics in every project area, which results in Rainforest Concern developing and applying tailored solutions to suit each project area.

Listening to the needs on the ground and designing projects alongside the people who live near the forests, so that our projects meet with local criteria and approval. This approach is vital to the success of our work.

Working in long-term partnerships with local NGO’s to best implement projects.

Starting with pilot projects and ensuring they work before we implement larger or longer-term strategies which enables Rainforest Concern to produce the best outcomes and minimise the risks.

Creating sustainability and a secure legacy which is crucial to Rainforest Concern’s work, to ensure the positive impact of our projects continues into the future.

Monitoring the impact of our actions which is fundamental to communicating the advances and challenges of each project to our stakeholders and supporters.

Sharing the knowledge that we have gained from projects, to benefit other areas with similar issues and help build up capacity regionally and nationally.