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Protecting biodiversity whilst we still have the choice

Rainforest Concern was established in 1993 to protect threatened natural habitats, the biodiversity they contain and the indigenous people who still depend on them for their survival. At present the organisation has 13 conservation projects in 8 countries: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Romania, Costa Rica, India. We work closely with local conservation organisations in these countries to protect rainforests.   

Central to Rainforest Concern’s philosophy is the creation of strong partnerships with small, dynamic organisations in the countries where it operates. Such long-term partnerships have repeatedly shown to result in the continued success of projects.

What we do

Our conservation work falls into four categories:
  • Direct conservation involving the protection and management of forested land to create protected reserves. This sometimes includes the purchase of land, usually in the name of the local NGO or the local communities. Particular emphasis is placed on the creation of forest ‘corridors’ that connect existing protected areas thereby avoiding the risk of fragmentation. This greatly assists the effectiveness of these reserves by enabling species to move freely from one to another. Reforestation of cleared areas of forest with native tree species also falls into this category.
  • Programmes of alternative income generation, health and education are developed with the local communities living near the projects. These are designed to reduce the negative human impact on forests arising through, for example, cattle ranching and subsistence farming. Examples of these projects include sustainable small-scale horticulture (for example cultivation of shade grown coffee), the production of handicrafts and responsible ecotourism.
  • Research in biodiversity is encouraged. Scientists and students from national and international universities have undertaken and continue to undertake research at several of our projects.
  • We also have well established volunteer programmes. These include groups of gap year students as well as mature volunteers who work on projects that include tree planting, trail maintenance and data collection. 

Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions page about the Choco-Andean Corridor Project.

In the UK

Rainforest Concern operates an 'acre sponsorship' programme to encourage the public to become directly involved in rainforest conservation. The £50 per acre requested, goes towards the purchase and protection of rainforest at one of our projects in Ecuador, Chile or Colombia.

The subject of rainforests is being increasingly covered by school curriculae and we provide real examples to bring this to life. Some of these schools use this information as a basis for fundraising projects and, so far, over 500 British schools have taken part.

Executive Director and Founder: Peter Bennett

Administration, Volunteers, Education and Events: Holly Eustance

Communications and Forest Credits Consultant: Sarah Fraser

Trustees: Oliver Whaley, Alberto Pulido Cruz, Catriona Syed, Maxime van Nieuwenhuyse, Martin Gardner

Advisory Board: Claes-Göran Sandström, Dr John Hemming, Andrew Mitchell, Professor Sir Ghillean Prance



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