Have you ever thought of offsetting your carbon?

Why not do a little more and protect ecosystems at the same time? Our Forest Credits programme is designed to help you offset your carbon whilst also conserving habitats, and protecting biodiversity, vital watersheds and local communities.

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We are all responsible for climate change. From everyday choices like the food or clothes we buy, the way we travel to work, or the holidays we take, most people now realise that our decisions can affect the speed of climate change for better or for worse.

Less publicised are the catastrophic effects of degraded ecosystems and biodiversity loss on our planet. Healthy ecosystems keep our soil and pollinators healthy, protecting food production. They clean our air and water systems, and control not only climate, but also disease - healthy ecosystems reduce the risk of new pandemics. On top of all this, they provide us with space for recreation, reflection and enjoyment.

Rainforest Concern's Forest Credits programme offers a way to offset your unavoidable carbon emissions whilst also protecting biodiversity.

Offsetting with Forest Credits means you are helping keep forests thriving, promoting a healthy environment in which people, plants and animals can all flourish.

Water in forest
A rich and biodiverse forest

Photo credit: Murray Cooper