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The Gurukula Botanical Santuary 

Gurukula Botanical SanctuaryIn 2006, the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary (GBS) and its ‘School in the Forest' educational programmes, won the Whitley Award, one of the top UK environmental prizes. Due to GBS's unrivalled knowledge of plant species cultivation, it has shown that degraded complex habitats can be re-established faster through a process of ‘gardening back the biosphere'. As over 90% of the forest of the Western Ghats has been lost through poor farming practices and poorly planned development projects, GBS is seen as the hope for the region and its educational work is now urgently sought after locally, nationally and even internationally.

Rainforest Concern has supported GBS in developing the Sanctuary as a local model for integrated land use through the support and expansion of its Plant Conservation and Educational programme, as well as supporting GBS's Rapid Floristic Survey project and contributing funds to purchase and reforest a disused coffee plantation.

Please click here for our 2017 newsletter article by Suprabha Seshan about Wolfgang Dieter Theuerkauf, the founder of GBS, who sadly passed away last year and news of the work done at the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary.


A detailed map of the Sanctuary 

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