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Conservation of indigenous land with gaia Amazonas

The Caquetá-Japurá basin stretches across Colombia and into Brazil, an area which could become a refuge for Amazon biodiversity and one of the last remnants of the Amazon biome as we know it. In 2007, Rainforest Concern formed a partnership with Gaia Amazonas, which in 2009 resulted in the remarkable achievement of the designation of a new indigenous protected area, Yaigojé Apaporis National Natural Park, of over 1 million hectares, to be managed by its indigenous inhabitants. This is the first National Park created with the purpose of protecting the material and immaterial values of the indigenous peoples which are associated with the conservation, use and management of the territory and the protected area.

Please click here for our 2017 newsletter update on protecting indigenous culture in the Amazon (pdf format).


The Pangan-Awa Corridor project

In Spring 2003 Rainforest Concern formed a partnership with Fundacion ProAves, Colombia's largest conservation organisation which has been running since 1998, to extend the Choco-Andean Corridor further north into the heart of the Choco in southwestern Colombia. Here, situated between the Pangan Reserve and the Awa indigenous Reserve, is an area that encompasses a 13,700 acre tract of forest supporting an extraordinary variety of endemic wildlife. We have been able to establish one of the most important biological and cultural corridors in the Neotropics. The Colombian reserves extend to the Colombian-Ecuadorian border from where it borders the Ecuadorian reserve.

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