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Defending Ecuador's cloud forests from copper mining


Rainforest Concern has recently secured a grant to help DECOIN protect cloud forests in the highly threatened Intag region of north west Ecuador, in one of the world’s 34 global biodiversity hotspots.

The funds will mainly be used to evaluate the consequences of an open cast copper mining project proposed by the Chilean state owned copper giant Codelco in partnership with the Ecuadorian government.  This is badly needed to counter the arguments used by the copper company saying that the mine will have little impact on these precious forests and their exceptional wildlife.  The funds will also be used to expand protected areas of forest and to provide environmental education and practical support to community based conservation measures.

This is also of huge importance to Rainforest Concern’s Neblina Cloud Forest Reserve which is located very close to Intag as our rivers may be affected should the mining project go ahead.

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