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Rainforest Concern has been awarded funding to support the Colombian organisation Gaia Amazonas ’ awareness campaign in the run up to the environmental summit in Paris this December, COP21 . The project represents a ‘once in history’ opportunity to create a continuous corridor of protected forest stretching from the Andes to the Atlantic across the Amazon basin.

 Although highly ambitious the project already has the full backing of Colombia’s President Santos who announced the plan to work with Brazil and Venezuela to establish what would be easily the world’s largest protected area of forest. Known as the ‘Triple A corridor’ the intention is to join existing indigenous and other protected areas to prevent them from becoming isolated.  This would potentially protect over 135 million hectares of Amazonian rainforest!  An international advocacy campaign is urgently needed in the coming months to mobilise support from governments, stakeholder and indigenous communities so as to give the best possible opportunity to enable President Santos to achieve a formal agreement to the creation of the corridor.

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