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Forests Now Declaration

Peter Bennett, Executive Director and founder of Rainforest Concern, one of the UK’s leading rainforest protection charities, strongly welcomed the Forests Now Declaration:

“Until now the popular debate about climate change has failed to address what is increasingly becoming the elephant in the living room of climate change – deforestation – its role as one of the key causes of greenhouse gas emissions and as one of the most immediate and cost effective forms of reducing global carbon emissions.
The climate change debate has become so skewed towards energy and clean technology that deforestation barely makes it above the parapet. Yet the latest IPCC report, the Stern Report and the recent study by the consulting firm McKinsey all conclude that over the next two decades the most effective way to control climate change is to keep carbon locked in the world’s forests.
With the world's tropical forests vanishing at ever increasing rates it is vital that environmental organisations start working together through initiatives like the Forest Now Declaration, led by Andew Mitchell, to ensure deforestation takes its rightful role at the centre of the climate change debate before it is too late.”

The Forests Now Declaration was signed in the Amazon rainforest this week by key stakeholders, including Amazonas State Secretary of Environment Virgílio Viana, and representatives of the association of indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon, NGOs and scientists.

This vital Declaration is now to be signed in the other great tropical forests of the world before reaching Bali for the UNFCCC meeting in December 2007. 

Go to www.forestsnow.org to read Forests Now Declaration summary 
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