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What can we do to stop deforestation?

There are lots of other things you can do that will make a difference to the world’s rainforests, as well as your local environment. Below are listed a few of them: click on a heading to find out more. You will be surprised how your choices in a local shop or supermarket can affect forests half way across the world! And remember that it is just as important to look after your local wildlife and environment as it is to save rainforests. Try to persuade your family and friends to join in too!


Next time you buy a hamburger from a big fast food chain, think about where the meat has come from...


By cycling or walking instead of driving you will be reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions and therefore helping to combat global warming...

Wood and timber - are they rainforest friendly?

Once you start looking you'll be surprised at just how many wood products are made from rainforest trees such as mahogany or teak...


Click here to find out more about recycling...

Sponsor your own acre or more of rainforest!

It costs £50 to sponsor one acre of rainforest and, in return, we will give you a personalised certificate recording your sponsorship and regular updates on our progress. In protecting one acre of forest you will also be sponsoring the protection of many plants and animals - from the majestic cats to resplendent birds and the industrious ants living on the floor of the rainforest! If you raise over £100 there are books and T-shirts up for grabs! Click here for more information.

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