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Amazonas comic John Erasmus (artist/writer) and Yousaf Ali Khan (editor) have been working hard to produce an entertaining and educational comic about the Amazon rainforest for children both in the UK and Brazil - in English and in Portuguese! You can download Issues 1-4 of the comics in English here . We think you will agree it is a beautiful comic with entertaining stories, educational materials and fun activities for children. Please do send any feedback you may have to John at john@amazonascomics.com.



For use at home or at school!

Click here to download a pdf version of our information and activity booklet about rainforests. This is A5 size so can be printed 2 pages to an A4 sheet (landscape orientation).

Click here to download an accompanying worksheet.


more worksheets and activity sheets 

Colouring sheet To accompany rainforest worksheet below or to use separately

Rainforest worksheet Test your knowledge of the animals and plants on the colouring sheet

Activity sheet 1 Join-the-dots

Activity sheet 2 Join-the-dots (for older children)

Activity sheet 3 Unscramble the words and link them with their picture

Activity sheet 4 Unscramble the words and use their first letter to find a creature that lives in the rainforest (for older children) 

Or email us to request copies by post.  


Where are the iguanas?

Can you find all the iguanas in this photo?

Click here to download the photo.

Click here to find out the answer! 


guided tour of the rainforest

Please click in the box on the left for the "Eflet" guided tour of the rainforest.  



KurumikidzKurumikidz is an eco-musical project made up of British and Brazilian educators and musicians who care for the enviroment very much. Through music they wish to plant a seed of thought in every child, and adult's, mind about the importance of the rainforests of the world.

Kurumikidz's new CD, 'The Rainforest and You', is an educational, uplifting music CD with Brazilian and English songs. The songs are about the animals, planss and indigenous people of the Amazon and offers and important message of preservation. Click here to learn more and to listen to some of the music.



An animation made by Jamie Quinlan- for enjoyment and inspiration in the classroom!


Rainforest Concern is represented by two speakers who visit school and community groups to promote the conservation of rainforest. 

Rainforest Roadshow

Bring the rainforest to your school with an animated talk from Dave Shaw and his rainforest roadshow of giant stick insects, tarantulas and tropical artifacts. Dave will share his intrepid travelling experiences with you and pass on the skills he has acquired from the Waorani and Quichua people of Ecuador - such as how to handle a giant blow dart! Visit www.rainforestroadshow.co.uk, email dave@rainforestroadshow.co.uk or phone 01982 560 244 for further information.



Phil offers inspiring programmes, activities and workshops specially designed for schools, all of which can be adapted to include related subject/topic areas that are being studied at the time of the visit. The styles of each activity may vary but the overall themes remain the same: promoting greater environmental/sustainable and cultural awareness and respect, and from that awareness, promoting active participation in developing a sustainable and culturally respectful society.

Phil tours the whole of the UK, and some locations, venues and schools have booked him every year since the launch of Plan-It Eco in 1997! Visit plan-iteco.com, phone 07798 802 087 or email info@plan-iteco.com for further information.


David is a biologist who has worked in and visited many schools in Scotland teaching children the importance of the rainforest, why they are being destroyed and about the animals and people who depend on the rainforests for survival. David provides the pupils with exciting comics and educational booklets. To organise a talk with David please call 01333 730 524 or email info@rainforestconcern.org.  These talks are entirely free, but a voluntary contribution would help us continue to provide talks and protect threatended habitats. 


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