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Facing up to rainforest facts

We cannot afford to stand by any longer and watch rainforests be burnt to the ground for cattle ranching, or removed to make way for oil and mineral mining. 

posterIt is estimated that, if we do not change our course of action, there will not be any rainforests remaining in 50 years' time — that’s in your lifetime! Many people make excuses for destroying forests but the fact is that, once they are destroyed, countless species of plants and animals will be killed with many species being lost forever. 

Indigenous people, who have depended upon the forests for hundreds of years, will lose their homes  and means of survival and will have nothing once the forests are gone. 


We are delighted that so many of you are learning about rainforests and actively trying to help conserve them. It is with your enthusiasm and help that we can really make a difference together — SO START TAKING ACTION NOW!

World Environment Day is held each year on 5th June to stimulate a worldwide awareness of the environment. In past years, Rainforest Concern has joined forces with schools in the initiative “A Pound for the Planet". Read more on the initiative here .
Celebrate this day by reading about rainforests and the environment, and organise an event to raise money to protect rainforest.

What you can do:

• Organise an essay and poster competition and invite parents and friends
• Organise a tree planting day
• Have a look at the links on the left for further ideas and interesting information about rainforests.

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