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Give As You Earn (GAYE)

About Payroll giving

Payroll giving is the tax free way for PAYE tax payers to give to a charity directly from their pay packet with no effort or administration.

Your donation is tax free because the amount you chose to give is deducted from your pay before the tax is calculated. So if you pledge £10 from your gross salary each month, it will only cost you £7.80, but we will receive £11. The Government then adds an extra 10%, which can mean a 41% increase in the value of your original donation.

Why is payroll giving so important to Rainforest Concern?

In an increasingly uncertain world, regular contributions allow us to plan for the future with a degree of certainty. We will keep you up to date with our progress through our newsletter, Rainforest Review.

Can anyone join a Payroll Giving Scheme?

Yes, provided your employer is registered with a payroll giving agency.

How do I join?

Simply fill in the form and return it to us, we will do the rest.

How much will it cost me?

You chose how much you would like to give (don't forget that it is deducted from your salary before you are taxed)

What happens if I want to stop payroll giving?

Simply inform your payroll department and they will stop paying your donation.

Click here for a Give As You Earn form .

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